Bad Acid Trip - Humanly Possible

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Bad Acid Trip's newest release titled Humanly Possible is a riotously diverse spoonful of insanity that will punch you in the face and make no apologies. Humanly Possible is their first full-length LP in seven years, and it's completley worth the wait. 15 tracks of face-melting awesomeness await you.

1. Segregated to Rationalize a Virtual Utopia
2. Time Is Running Out 007
3. Slaves of No Color
4. Modified
5. Denthead
6. Winter Wonderland
7. Sounds of Profit and Betrayal
8. Pan Global
9. Crucified Pornstar
10. Night of the Creep (the Ballad of the San Fernando Rock Spider)
11. Bipartisan Business of Stalemate
12. Merrika
13. Not Look, Don't Care
14. Rock-A-Corpse
15. Black Metal Kitchen Appliances

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