Fair To Midland - Drawn & Quartered EP

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The Drawn and Quartered E.P. finds Fair To Midland proving why Serj Tankian personally chose them for Serjical Strike. The EP's studio tracks - "Orphan Anthem" and "Kyla Cries Cologne" showcase FTM’s flair for combining progged-out virtuosity with lead-heavy riffs, impassioned vocals, and dynamic tidal waves. And the live songs that accompany these - the soaring, atmospheric "A Searfarer’s Knot" and "Abigail" confirm FTM’s onstage virtuosity while showcasing their ability to capture a crowds attention.

Track Listing:
1. Orphan Anthem '86
2. Kyla Cries Cologne
3. A Seafarer's Knot (Live)
4. Abigail (Live)
5. The Drawn & Quartered Kinescope (Video)