Kittens For Christian - Privilege Of Your Company

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Recorded in Los Angeles' King Size Studios in 2002, Privilege Of Your Company was the final release from Kittens For Christian. Produced by David Trumfio, the album is a mix of the angular, staccato guitar stylings of Neil Young and the driving bass rhythms and excitibaly anguished vocals from Hiram Fleites. The neo-new wave album comprised of 14 tracks are full of pure instinct and panic with lamentful melodies.

1. Under The Covers

2. Red Rover

3. Grubby Hands

4. Had A Plan

5. Waiting

6. Water

7. Love International

8. Quietest Moment

9. Why

10. Run To The Corner

11. Bow Legged Bob

12. Feedback

13. Gun Country

14. King Becomes A Star