Serart - Deluxe Edition

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When musical worlds collide, a new sphere of rich sound is born. Such is the case of Serart, a collaboration between Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Serj Tankian. An eclectic array of textured tracks, Serart mixes Middle Eastern melodies with Pan-African rhythms while shifting from classical motifs to bursts of percussion. Nothing is predicatble as a sense of discovery pervades every element of the album.

This DELUXE EDITION includes two bonus remixes and a DVD of the short film "Sun Angle Calculator"

1. Intro
2. Cinema
3. Devil\'s Wedding
4. The Walking Xperiment
5. Black Melon
6. Metal Shock
7. Save The Blonde
8. Love Is The Peace
9. Leave Melody Counting Fear
10. Gee-Tar
11. Claustrophobia
12. Narina
13. Zumba
14. Facing The Plastic
15. If You Can Catch Me
16. I Dont Want To Go Back Empty Handed
17. Facing The Plastic (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix)
18. Narina (Bill Laswell Remix - Radio Edit)

"Sun Angle Calculator" Running Time: Approx. 14 Minutes